Dining With A Detective | How to Get Away With Murder!

From 25 Oct 23 7:30 PM to 25 Oct 23 9:30 PM

This event, called "Dining with a Detective- How to get away with murder!" is hosted by former Detective Chief Inspector Steve Gaskin at Fuller's George IV in Chiswick on Wednesday, 25th October 2023 from 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm. Steve Gaskin is a former Senior Scotland Yard detective and a criminal psychologist.

During the event, attendees will listen to examples of cases where people thought they had successfully got away with murder, only to be caught by chance, DNA evidence, or good detective work. Guests will also receive a recommended TV program to watch related to a murder.

In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to use a Virtual Reality (VR) Crime Scene to plan a murder and investigate a murder scenario, ensuring the person does not get away with it. This interactive experience aims to provide a deeper understanding of how police actually investigate a murder.

The event is suitable for true crime enthusiasts and will offer insights based on Steve Gaskin's experience of investigating 15 murders and solving 14 of them. The renowned Fuller's food and great beers will also be available to enjoy during the event.

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