Pint of Science - You Can't See Me (But Microscopes Can)

From 14 May 24 7:30 PM to 14 May 24 9:30 PM

Tonight, we'll be looking down the microscope at the very small and learning how new technology is allowing us to take images of all sorts of tiny things.

How to make the invisible visible? - Dr Peter Gordon (Microscopy specialist, Advanced Microscope Facility, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre-UCL)

Traditional imaging of whole organs/tissue relies on cutting up samples super thin and looking at each slice individually, but what if you could avoid cutting it and just make it invisible instead? I'll explain how tissue clearing works, how fluorescent labelling works, why it's cooler than the old ways and how it can be used in research and potentially in healthcare.

Lights, brain, action: using physics to map the brain - Dr Liam Collins-Jones (Postdoctoral Researcher, Clinical Neurosciences, University of Cambridge (formerly UCL MPBE))

How can we use light to see what’s going on inside the brain? What can we measure? And why look at the brain? I will talk about my research in brain imaging, where I've been developing and testing new methods of using light to map baby brain activity.

Doors open at 7pm. Tickets from £5 per person

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